Stallion Directory

Aaron's WayBybee Road FarmDennis Bybee
AldrinO'Sullivan FarmO'Sullivan Farms
BagginsSunstriders FarmChristine, Cody & Trevor Favata
Ballado's GoldWitherow FarmSandra Witherow
BullsbayPellinor Lane FarmNicole & Ronney Brown
Cal NationBaird Racing StableJ Michael Baird
Candy GramTaylor Mountain FarmJames W Casey
Capo BastoneO'Sullivan FarmO'Sullivan Farm
Declan's WarriorO'Sullivan FarmO'Sullivan Farm
Dennis of CorkTaylor Mountain FarmJames W Casey
Despite the OddsBybee Road FarmDennis Bybee
Duke of MischiefFlowing Acres FarmMike Ingrassia
DuringO'Sullivan FarmO'Sullivan Farm
EvangelismMatilda Bay FarmJohn M Bohrer
Fiber SondeBeau Ridge FarmJohn McKee
GattopardoO'Sullivan FarmMichael Ueltzer
Golden YearsO'Sullivan FarmO'Sullivan Farm
Hello BroadwayFlowing Acres FarmMike Ingrassia
I'm Steppin It UpBybee Road FarmDennis Bybee
JubaTaylor Mountain FarmJames W Casey
Last PrintO'Sullivan FarmJavier Contreras
LimehouseO'Sullivan FarmO'Sullivan Farm
Lord of GreatnessFlowing Acres FarmMike Ingrassia
Luke's AlleyFlowing Acres FarmMike Ingrassia
Master RickBeau Ridge FarmJohn McKee
Mikimoto's MojoMaple Valley Farm, LLCMaple Valley Farm, LLC
Monster MashBybee Road FarmDennis Bybee
Mr PranksterStehr FarmVickie Stehr/Christopher Keller
Our EntourageO'Sullivan FarmO'Sullivan Farm
Real EstateFlamingo RunKaren Freer
RedirectBeau Ridge FarmJohn McKee
Saratoga SyndicateStehr FarmJoe Stehr
Siente El TruenoStehr FarmJoe Stehr
Spiritus InvictusBeau Ridge FarmJohn McKee
Stormy's MajestyMare's Nest FarmMaurice E. Casey
Super CausewayMatilda Bay FarmChandradutt Deokipasram
Talent SearchPellinor Lane FarmNicole and Ronney Brown
Three Chopt RoadBybee Road FarmDennis Bybee
Tup Take PleaseBill Bar FarmRichard McDaniel
VorticityPellinor Lane FarmNicole and Ronney Brown
Your ABC'sShotwell FarmTim Groves
ZurvanOlbin FarmRobin Figgins

Pedigree Cross Index

This Pedigree Cross Index allows a breeder to nick, inbreed or outcross his broodmares by easy reference. Indexed are the names of sires and dams included within the first three generations of all the stallions in the 2013 Stallion Directory.

Example: A.P. INDY - Evangelism, Gandhi, Hunt Crossing, Three Chopt Road

In the above example, A.P. Indy appears in one of the first 3 generations of all the stallions listed after him.

Suppose a breeder has a mare that is a granddaughter of Mr. Prospector or has crosses of that sire in a mare’s pedigree. He may want to breed her to a stallion with Northern Dancer blood to take advantage of the Northern Dancer--Mr. Prospector nick. By looking up “Northern Dancer” in this index, he can quickly see all the stallions in this register that have Northern Dancer appearing in one of the first three generations of their pedigrees.

If a breeder’s mare is a granddaughter of Seattle Slew, he may wish to inbreed to that stallion and thereby get more of Seattle Slew’s makeup in the foal. By checking “Seattle Slew” in the index, the breeder can readily find all the advertised stallions that have Seattle Slew in their pedigrees.

What if a breeder’s mare is already inbred or linebred? She might have 2 or 3 crosses of Deputy Minister in her first four generations for example. The breeder may want to make sure the stallion he chooses for his mare has no Deputy Minister or no Deputy Minister up close in his pedigree. By looking up “Deputy Minister” in the index, he can readily see the stallions in this Stallion Register he should avoid for his mare.

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