John Funkhouser - President

Mark Sell - Vice President
Diana McClure -

Clissy Funkhouser  - Treasurer

Board Members

Notice of Waiver of Elections:  This year there were four board members whose two-year term ended in 2019.  They agreed to continue to serve for a three-year term ending in 2022. Those board members are: Nancy Camp, Clissy Funkhouser, John Funkhouser, and Diana McClure.  No other eligible members were nominated.  Since there are four members running for four seats, the board made the decision to waive the election and save the cost of mailing & counting ballots.  Please consider serving on the board; nominations open again on July 15, 2020.  
Your current board:
James Casey, Javier Contreras, Karen Freer, Mark Sell: term ending in 2020
Dennis Finger, Dennis Bybee and Sandy Witherow: term ending in 2021
Nancy Camp, Clissy Funkhouser, John Funkhouser, Diana McClure: term ending in 2022

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